Antifa Torches “Young AfD” Head’s Car in Berlin

Suddenly not so worried about “climate change”: Antifa terror in Berlin

The Antifa terror against the patriotic opposition party “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) continues as the Sept. 26 elections approach : After the Saturday mob attack in Hamburg that left one man hospitzalized, Antifa goons torched the car belonging to the chairman of the “Young Alternative Berlin” last night, and damaged his neighbor’s car as well.

Vadim Derksen is a Russian emigre and a likeable teddy bear of a guy – all the more appalling, that this is the escond time in two years he has been attacked by state-sponsored, media-applauded far-left terror squad. In 2019, Vadim and friends from the “Young Alternative Berlin” were attacked by an Antifa hit squad on their way to see a holocaust film at the Berlin Film Fest (Gateway Pundit reported).

Yesterday, Vadim’s neighbors woke him up at 1:30 am to tell him his car was on fire. “I hurried down, but the flames were already 10 feet high”, Vadim told the Gateway Pundit. “The fire department didn’t react at first, the police came first. Our neighbor’s car was also damaged, a young family with kids, who will probably have to pay for their damages themselves.”

Vadim is collecting donations for his neighbors on Facebook.

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No arrests are expected, since the Antifa goon squads are considered the paramilitary arm of the anti-AfD globalist German government.


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