Anti-Cop Climate Sparks NYPD Exodus 

The NYPost has learned the anti-cop climate, underwhelming pay, and out of control violent crime in New York City have resulted in police officers’ exodus. 

Approximately 50 NYPD officers left their jobs in Nassau County last Friday. Many of them were on the job for less than five years. 

The departure comes as thousands of city cops have already quit or retired. 

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said the NYPD needs 900 new police officers.

Uniformed NYPD officers fell to 34,184 this year – down from 36,900 last year, a loss of more than 2,700.

Suppose politicians in the metro area don’t quit bashing the police and their campaign to defund the NYPD. In that case, the exodus is expected to dangerously increase, one where decreased patrols could be seen, which would transform some neighborhoods into violent areas, such as ones seen in Baltimore and Detroit.

New York City has already experienced gun violence levels ‘unseen in years’ with shootings in November up by more than 112% compared with the same month last year.

The surge in gun violence in NYC since June coincides with the NYPD’s decision to eliminate its plain-clothes anti-crime unit that focused on retrieving illegal guns. That decision came after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 

Shea recently said the surge in violent crime across the five boroughs this summer came after NYPD’s budget was reduced by $1 billion. 

“It certainly had a significant impact,” Shea told FOX Business’, Maria Bartiromo. “You think back, crime follows certain patterns and trends. Certainly, we see upticks of violence in the summer. … To have this crazy time happen this year, certainly, and leading to a defunding, it’s really hurt.”

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While violent crime is surging, the levels of crime is nowhere near what it was in the early 1990s – though the move to defund police is undoubtedly creating an environment that could return the city to a violent mess. 

Simultaneously, another exodus is underway, one where city dwellers are fleeing to rural communities as they deem the metro area no longer safe to raise a family.