An Apocalyptic Terrorist Act Of Epic Proportions

Fig. 1. Chernobyl power plant after the explosion

Radioactive contamination of the terrain and contamination of the population

“The explosion of a nuclear plant will kill hundreds and from radioactive contamination millions will die” and this thesis is understandable to all military and people with higher technical education. That’s why this stage of sabotage should be considered separately and it is the most visible.

Nicholas Checherov who for 20 years explored the inner parts of the reactor – from 1986 to 2005, gave an interview where he said that he and other researchers were able to see almost all the rooms of the fourth unit of the Central hall and all the space under the reactor. He reports the following: “We managed to explore all the places of accumulation of fuel-containing melts, and it became clear that the melts ended up in pool-bubbler (capacity intended for reception of steam in the event of an accident). No steam explosion, which the state Commission so feared, has happened. In the reactor cavity and the room underneath also no trace of any explosion was detected. Visible destruction, i.e. the one that we had seen with our eyes indicate that the explosion happened right in the Central hall. There was only one blast, and it was nuclear,” the scientist said.

The scientist reports that during the inspection of the mine it turned out that it was empty. “Moreover, we found no traces of burning in it, even the paint on the metalwork was intact”. Checherov claims that all the reports in the newspapers that the graphite in the reactor burned for nearly two weeks is absolute nonsense. “This is all from ignorance of the fact that the RBMK graphite does not burn. This legend was necessary to declare the existence of an active zone in the mine,” said he.

“We, humanity as a whole, specific countries and most of the people caught in the area affected by the nuclear accident, managed to survive in a nuclear catastrophe. With difficulties, with losses, with enormous moral and psychological costs, but still we survived. You also need to realize that it was one of the largest reactors in the world, and, apparently, reactor accident worse than Chernobyl on the planet, in principle, can not be”, – said Mykola Checherov [5].

Nuclear explosion of the active part of the reactor core that occurred has spewed up to the stratosphere many dozens of tons of radioactive substances and this emission, regardless of the events at Chernobyl, had to be fixed by all other civil defense services and the military.

The military-political situation in 1986 was that the USA were literally threatening the USSR with a nuclear attack. The forces and capacity of Civil defense were at the highest level of readiness, which was never before and not since.

Military units of strategic missiles and medium-range missiles in Belarus and Ukraine conducted radiation monitoring in automatic mode and regardless of the presence or absence of information about the Chernobyl accident they had to respond on their own and they did respond. The military recorded the radiation levels and interpreted them as the beginning of a nuclear war with immediately bringing the units to a high degree of combat readiness and took measures to protect against weapons of mass destruction in places of their deployment in all areas of radioactive fallout.

Each unit independently began to take measures for protection from weapons of mass destruction – all shifts of rocket pilots were simultaneously closed in the underground compartments with autonomous life-support whereas their wives and children remained on the surface with all the consequences for them and were in terror for their fathers and husbands – officers underground.

The military know full well what contamination is all about and how important is the speed of taking measures to protect the population, because the maximum radiation levels happen in the first hours after a nuclear explosion and precipitation.

The radiation level of the radioactive fallout is strongly dependent on the time elapsed since the explosion. This is due to the period of half decomposition and in the first hours and days radiation level falls quite heavily due to the decay of short-lived isotopes that comprise the bulk of the radioactive fallout. Further, the radiation level drops very slowly due to the particles with a long half-life. The rate of fall of levels of radiation is known to all graduates of secondary schools of the USSR from the course of basic military training and in modern items of measure is shown in figure 2. The decrease in the level of radiation occurs exponentially.

Chernobl 4

 Fig. 2. The decrease in the level of radiation occurs exponentially.

As of 1986 in the USSR instructions were implemented for the population and the civil defense forces, the contents of which were well known up to the visual propaganda on the walls of every school and organization:

1. P. F. Vladimirov, etc. Each should know this and be able to do / 4-th ed., extra – M.: Soviet Russia, 1975. – 48 p.: ill. – (Civil defense of the USSR), URL:
2. V. I. Korolev. Everyone should know this and be able to do: Memo for the population / 6-th ed., extra – M.: Voenizdat, 1984, URL:

Thus, the speed of action of forces and means of Civil defense is crucial to the survival of the population. That’s why the military immediately informed their headquarters about the levels of radiation in the places of their deployment and leaders in Moscow knew the situation about the levels of radioactive contamination from the first minutes of the radioactive fallout. Civil defense forces were actually hardly ever used and there was maximum damage to population, the intent is obvious.

Journalist Igor Osipchuk talked with Colonel V. Mosiec, commander of military unit 74939 “Chernobyl-2” – station of radio intelligence and United States ballistic missiles tracking. Question: “Chernobyl-2 and Chernobyl nuclear station were built just nine kilometers from each other – is there any practical sense?

Answer:-”…From the Chernobyl nuclear we conducted a power line. The energy we received from the transmission line coming from the side of Kiev.

About the Chernobyl disaster I was informed a couple of hours after the explosion of the reactor. Immediately with the head of chemical protection major Shevchenko we rushed to city of Pripyat, measuring on our way radiation levels, and then at the request of the leadership of the city were involved in measurements in Pripyat and at the industrial base. At 11 o’clock in the morning I commanded to switch off our facility, as the ventilation system sucked in radiation together with the air, it would lead to the failure of computer technology. After that “Chernobyl-2” never worked.

… After the Chernobyl disaster, the civilian population of the town was evacuated on the same day as that of Pripyat… (Other units remained on contaminated territories and women with children were not promptly evacuated).

Question: -”How often did you pass the observation results to the command post? A: As for “Chernobyl-2″, the information from here was constantly passed to Solnechnogorsk-25″ Center of Soviet Army Divisions Specialists of Special Purpose training, because the object still was not officially on alert. It was planned to do at the end of 1986, but was prevented by the Chernobyl disaster. Object “Chernobyl-2″, as part of a system of anti-missile and anti-space air defense forces, was created with the sole purpose to register a nuclear attack on the USSR in the first two or three minutes after launching of ballistic rockets.” [6].

If a military expert will plan a nuclear attack and radioactive contamination of the terrain, he would use the wind rose for the given region in a given period of time. For the European part of the USSR prevailing winds provide the picture of radioactive contamination, which the specialist will represent graphically. Thus, as a result of the terrorist act and radioactive contamination it was planned to kill the population in the territories that are shown in the figure below in red.

Chernobl 3

Fig. 3. Winds reigning over Europe from January to July. Red indicates projected area of radioactive contamination.

Black circle shows the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

There was actually a surprise to those who planned the attack, a sabotage. After the explosion, the wind sent radioactive fallout to the North and the maximum levels of radiation from short-lived isotopes began to fall to the North, and further West, fell on Europe. The final picture of contamination is shown on the map below (see Fig. 4).

Chrnd consequence ecologycons 02 uk

Fig. 4. Radioactive contamination of the European part of the continent.

White color shows the zones for which there is no data.

The same thing, indicating the magnitude of contamination:

175748 map1

Fig. 5. The same as in Fig. 4, showing the distributions of pollution in Curie.

   The composition of radioactive contamination after the collapse of short-lived radioactive elements is shown in the table in figure 6.


 Fig 6 . The composition of radioactive contamination after the collapse of short-lived radioactive elements is shown in the table.

  Actually affected was the entire Northern hemisphere of the planet and gradually radioactive contamination has spread to the entire planet. Doctors noted a sharp increase in cancers as a result of radioactive contamination [7].

Who is to blame for this terrorist attack, this sabotage?

Traditionally, this issue is not included in the list of issues addressed by legal expertise and is a legal issue. In the practice of criminal investigation in Russia criminal forensic experts have the right to give investigative recommendations to the lawyers to develop versions for investigation and testing of suspects in a criminal case. So in this case the author of the article will do the same. Below are search recommendations for lawyers and intelligence officers of all countries affected by this terrorist attack.

Around 1996 the author of the article asked Mikhail Gorbachev: ”Why were the forces and means of Civil defense not activated? Maximum of population was affected! You have devalued all the money of the USSR invested in the creation of a system of Civil defense for many decades.”

Gorbachev gave the following answer: – “Well, we didn’t know then what radiation was all about . We even have installed a listening device in the scientists’ dining room tables to understand from their conversations how dangerous it was.”
Gorbachev was an accomplice to the crime and there is no doubt about it.

Thus, it is necessary to make a definitive conclusion that in the act of sabotage, in this terrorist attack causing maximum destruction to the population were involved:

– The KGB – V. K. Chebrikov (group Andropov – USA);
– The Politburo of the Soviet Union Communist Party Central Committee M. Gorbachev (USA-England);
– Civil defense of the USSR, A. T. Altunin was dismissed and died of a heart attack in 1989;
– Minister of Defense, Sergei L. Sokolov was strongly encouraged and died in 2012. Three orders of Lenin (30 June 1971, 28 April 1980, June 30, 1986);
– head of the KGB in Ukraine S.N.Mukha;
– the head of the Pripyat Department of the KGB of the USSR V. N. Klochko openly admitted that he was blocking the communication and concealed information from the public. Quote:-”In the clinic we were examined by a famous doctor from United States who said that we won’t last more than 10 years.[8];
– The radio and television of the USSR, A. N. Aksenov (layman);
– ITAR-TASS, S. A. Losev (professional, information was deliberately concealed);
– Chairman of the State Committee of the USSR Minister of the USSR for Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring, Y.A.Izrael.

Y.A.Izrael personally participated in the research conducted at nuclear test sites (1954-1970.) after various accidents. He took a special part in 1986-1996 study of Chernobyl NPP accident consequences. The materials related to studies of radioactivity in the environment since the 50-ies of the 20th century are summarized by him in his monograph “Radioactive fallout from nuclear explosions and accidents” (1996) –he is a professional, information was intentionally concealed.

Chernobyl was directly subordinated to the Ministry of Energy of the USSR. It was they who set the date of disconnection of the station, which was the date of the station explosion. It was headed by Anatoly Ivanovich Mayorets, who in 1986 became a member of the Central Committee of the CPSU. The event date: “… that the Energy Ministry that has sent an order to begin testing at 00: 00 on 25 April 1986” (p. 92. [3]).

What was interesting in that date that drew attention in the USSR-Russia of all the specialists and the population? This Passover – Pesach! Figure 7 shows the calendar of Jewish holidays for April 1986 [9].

Chernobl 5

 Fig. 7. Shows the calendar of Jewish holidays for April 1986.

  Today the whole world already knows that the U.S., England and Israel (Rothschild & Co) plans attacks and wars, tying them to the dates of Jewish holidays. It’s been noticed that not only terrorist attacks and military operations are planned on Jewish holidays, but also carrying out those terrorist attacks is planned so that the funerals from the attacks would fall on the feasts of the Jews.

Criminologists are well aware that symbolism shows a sustainable criminal pattern, it also indicates schizophrenia, as well as crimes committed on religious grounds. In this case it is necessary to consider religious motives. Thus, it is necessary to conclude that an international Jewish organized criminal group (OCG) was involved. The population of Russia, ordinary people and experts believe that the Chernobyl catastrophe was a terrorist attack conducted by the US and Jews to destroy the USSR. The Jewish mass media don’t deny it and strenuously promote it.

Example: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert thanked the Soviet Jews for the collapse of the USSR and that they have made Israel more rich and prosperous. This rather cynical statement of the Israeli leader was announced at the solemn ceremony, devoted to the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the Soviet Jews ‘ struggle for the right to emigrate to Israel.

Jews themselves often also support their authorship in the Chernobyl explosion and believe that their people have done it to destroy the USSR, because the USSR would not let them in go Israel.

Such hiding of a Jewish organized criminal gang behind all the Jewish people is well known and such sweeping charges are called anti-Semitism.

   The speech of the Rabbi Eduard Hodos of Kharkov (Ukraine) is about the Chernobyl accident being the result of a terrorist attack involving Jewish sect Chabad [10].

In the video, the Rabbi of Kharkov Eduard Hodos (Ukraine) explained to everyone that the Chernobyl accident was a terrorist attack, he supports the results of studies of the nuclear physicist N. In.Kravchuk and points at a radical Jewish sect from the USA, Chabad Lyubavich. This sect is well known in modern Russia, now the chief Rabbi of Russia since 2002 is Berl Lazar, Chabad Lyubavict member.
Sect Chabad-Lubavitch is closely linked with the U.S. Department of State. Their well-known lobbyists are Joseph Isadore Lieberman, a U.S. Senator, and Albert Arnold Gore.

These same people are known as instigators of wars and falsifiers of the terrorist attack of 9/11 September 2001 in the USA. USA officers point at the international Jewish organized criminal group (Jewish OCG), which in their opinion is guilty of all the wars and terrorist attacks [11].


Fig. 8 Search recommendations of US special service officers

In this case, it is necessary to clarify that under the law of return to Israel, the people converted to another faith are not considered as Jews. This is due to the fact that Israel stands on the position that being Jewish means Jewish religion first of all, not nationality. Russian experts agree with this statement based on the known real history of the Jewish people in Russia [12].

Experts in Russia additionally indicate that Judaism is more of a disguise and the Jewish criminal gang really professes Satanism [13].

Commitment of the Jewish criminal gang to symbolism gives all targeting on the enemy and reveals their history and context (see figure 9).

51461 original

Fig. 9. Symbols of international Satanic Jewish criminal gang.

The list of representatives of international Jewish criminal gang (OCG) is known in Russia and is being prepared for lustration. The same thing should also be done in all other countries. The OCG should be prosecuted everywhere, the participants should be subject to arrest and trial, their property and funds should be confiscated on the account of the damages from their crimes [14].

The international peer-reviewed journal of the U.S., where the reviewer is Professor at Stanford University, and now the U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, has published an article about the need to continue the Nuremberg trial on newly discovered evidence that the same applies to the activities of this gang [15].

Returning to the goals of the terrorist attack in Chernobyl, it is necessary to consider the famous speech of the leader of the sect Chabad recognized by the sectarians as moshiachim, Schneerson. Shneerson is a known ideologue of Jewish extremism.


Fig. 10. Menachem Mendel Schneerson (18.04.1902 — 12.06.1994).

  In his speech, which dates back to 1994, Shneerson specifies goals for the Jews – the extermination of the Slavs, the Russians, the capture of Khazaria. Khazaria is a fictional Jewish story about the alleged pre-existing Jewish Khazaria, which needs to be revived and restored [16]. The performance of Schneerson in 1994 was before the war in Chechnya, which was also conducted with the goal of capturing Khazaria [17].

   Let’s carry out a comparative study of the territories which Shneerson indicates as Jewish, and the pre-planned areas for radioactive contamination from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion. When comparing there is an observed coincidence that allows to make a conclusion about the deliberate explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in order to kill the population on the territory of fictional Jews of Khazaria, see figure 11.

Chernobl 6

Fig. 11. Above is shown the same as on pic 3 -the expected radioactive contamination from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion.

Below is shown fictional Jewish Khazaria, which is actively advertised by the Jews in the USA and claimed as “authentic Jewish territory” (Chabad)

The population in these areas has previously been actively exterminated in the 20th century – the artificial famines (Holodomor in 1932-33) and deportations were here, see figure 12.


Fig. 12. Fictional Jewish Khazaria and the territory of the Holodomor victims of 1930-32 years.

Additional information on the case: On TV channel “Russia” was shown a film by producer Sladkov with information that in the 1950-60-ies in the U.S. there were conducted studies on the effects of radiation on mammals. As a result of the research it was established that the mammals lost their reproductive function [18].

  Thus, the aim of the attack was not only the mass murder of the population directly after the attack, but also radioactive attack with the purpose of reproductive dysfunction of the population living on the territory, i.e. cleaning of the territory from people. These technologies are actively developed and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Gates Foundation has been involved in the development of the reduction of population through vaccination. In connection with the submitted information, it is necessary to immediately prevent mass vaccination of the population of Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia in order to avoid other acts of sabotage and terror for the purpose of genocide. [19].

      The Gates Foundation and the government of England also act as the main investors of projects to develop genetically modified foods (GMOs) [20].

“Gates mentioned about it in a private conference in Long Beach, California, called the TED 2010 Conference in his speech on “Renewing to zero!” Along with his absurd from the point of view of science proposal to artificially reduce CO2 emissions worldwide to zero by 2050, approximately at fourth to a half minute of his speech, Gates said: “First we got population. In the world today there are 6.8 billion people. This number will increase to about 9 billion. Now, if we really do a great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health, we’ll reduce it, perhaps by 10 or 15 percent” [21].

  Additional legal grounds for attracting international Jewish OCG to criminal charge.

The speech of the author of this article at international environmental Congress ELPIT-2007, Togliatti, Russia, 2007:
“It must be fundamentally resolved, that every government in the world can demand the extradition of the military, who during the fighting posed a threat to the ecology as a result of intentional or unintentional actions. The reason for this may be the decisions and recommendations of the International Association of Penal Law – IAPL (Paris, 1979), which states that the strengthening of criminal liability for environmental crimes of citizens and legal persons must be considered a priority.
When causing environmental harm, a legal entity (the leaders of the army, of the country?) can and should be liable to penal consequences caused by acts of harm committed by bodies and heads of the legal entity.
The object of environmental crimes is broad in its content: the preservation of the conditions of existence of all life on Earth and on the territory of the attacked state, as a part of it.
For this reason, in my opinion, it is enough to make every government in the world to see the threat to the lives of its citizens and demand extradition of military commanders, considering them as ordinary criminals, who they actually are when they are planning combat operations directly or near atomic, chemical and other dangerous objects. It is necessary to modify the legislation to make this possible. It is not excluded that it is possible already now. The threat of criminal liability for the military might serve the peace cause much better than any other evidence” [22].    


Example: Operation Opera (also known as operation Babylon”) – a military operation conducted by the Israeli air force to destroy a nuclear reactor “Osirak” of French production on the territory of Iraq.

The operation involved the following aircraft: F-16A: from squadron 117 – boards 107, 113, 118, 129; from 110 squadron – board 239, 240, 243 (pilot Ilan Ramon) and 249. Each aircraft of the strike group (8 F-16A) was equipped with two unguided bombs Mark 84. The operation was carried out on June 7, 1981. A new day for the Jews begins with the sunset of the previous day. The bombing held at sunset at 18:35 – the video of the attack posted online.

Chernobl 7

 Fig. 13. Jewish holidays calendar JUNE 1981.

 Special services must act ruthlessly! This is not just a Jewish criminal group, but Jewish fascism –absolute evil. Their God is Satan!

Author of the article:

Kolmykov, Anton Nikolaevich

Deputy head Scientific studies Criminal expertise institute CNEAT
City of Samara, Russia.

www. –technical and criminalistic expertise for civil and criminal trial


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Briefly: “… The Chernobyl accident is a terrorist attack. The damage should be calculated and recovered. The gang must be destroyed! Forward!”