American Pilots REBEL Against Vaccine Mandate .

The Biden administration’s vaccine mandates have awakened the sleeping giant that is America’s airline pilots.

The men and women who keep the airline industry afloat by transporting travelers from one place to another have launched a rebellion against forcible injections the media doesn’t want you to know about.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the co-founder of US Freedom Flyers Josh Yoder explained pilots are empowered to refuse the jab, and warned layoffs by Southwest Airlines or other airline companies could destroy the US economy.

“First of all, we have all the control, and the control comes from a simple word, and that is ‘no’,” Yoder said. “We just don’t need to comply.”

Southwest has claimed thousands of flight cancellations were the result of inclement weather, air traffic control issues and absenteeism, however the reality on the ground (or in the air) is much more simplistic.

The real reason for the cancellations is free-thinking pilots and airline staff have formed a collective resistance drawing a line in the sand and rejecting coercive vaccine orders.

Read messages from airline pilots uniting behind the banner of freedom and refusing compulsory injections.

Flight attendants and staff also showed their support against mandatory Covid vaccination.

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