After Missing Several Days and Putting His Hands In His Pockets When He Was Present, Verified Voting’s Mark Lindeman Claims The Windham Audit Was ‘Robust’

This guy, Verified Votings’ Mark Lindeman, barely shows up and literally stands around with his hands in his pockets when he was present, yet he has the audacity to claim that his audit work in Windham, New Hampshire was ‘robust’.   

The audit that took place the last few weeks in Windham, New Hampshire was atrocious.  Never in the history of audit did the audit lead wander around aimlessly in a white T-shirt and a belt hanging out 9 inches from his waistline.

(Above Windham, New Hampshire ‘auditor’ Harri Hursti calling it a day after donning his jacket and covering up his T-shirt and belt after a long day doing only God knows what.)

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This audit over the past few weeks in Windham set the new standard for the most bizarre and unprofessional and unproductive audit on record.  Harri Hursti was bizarre for sure, the second auditor, Phillip Stark, had enough and never even showed the last bizarre week.   The third auditor, Lindeman, looked like he had no idea what to do so he stood around with his hands in his pockets.

Not only was the audit bizarre, but there were conflicts with all the auditors and the Democrat Party.   Top Democrats Pelosi and Schumer both had connections with the auditors which should have disqualified them.

‘Audit’ of Windham, New Hampshire Is a SHAM Due to Conflicts, Independence Issues, and a Ridiculous Audit Program – America Deserves Better

The audit was so poorly done and planned for that these guys looked like they didn’t know what they were doing, because they didn’t.

Windham’s ‘Audit’ Was a Big Joke Last Week – Please Write New Hampshire’s Senators’ and Demand a Real Forensic Audit of the 2020 Results in the Granite State (Email List Attached)

But after all that, the Acting Co-Director of Verified Voting, sends out an email to stakeholders today praising his work these past few weeks and denigrating the audit in Maricopa County Arizona.  These ‘auditors’ in Windham have literally lost their minds.

VV Lindeman by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Note to file – when the lead auditor takes off his shirt and starts walking around in his T-shirt maybe your audit is not that ‘robust’.