ACL Fest Fans Call BS After Festival Claims Near 100% Covid Policy Compliance .

ACL Fest attendees complained there were little to no safety checks at the event over the weekend after the festival claimed they stringently enforced Covid-19 protocols.

In a tweet Saturday, stats shared by ACL claimed nearly everyone complied with regulations during its first weekend and that less than 1 percent of fans were turned away.

ACL Fest’s “Health Policy” instructs fans to bring proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test in the past 72 hours to gain entry to the event.

The story on the ground was very different, however, as many fans who attended the outdoor music festival reported their required health paperwork was barely given more than a glance.

“These numbers are totally fabricated,” one attendee wrote, adding, “The floodgates were open, and no one was giving any document more than a momentary glance. There is no chance that this is correct.”

Other ACL Fest concertgoers reported they brought their paperwork and that festival workers never bothered to check it whatsoever.

“Uhhh no one’s documentation was checked when I went in yesterday, where are these statistics coming from?” responded a Twitter user named Emily.

The phenomenon was observed and reported by Austin ABC affiliate KVUE.

Photos also show there were hardly any masks worn by festival attendees, despite a mask policy in place requiring them “in areas of Zilker Park where it is difficult to maintain social distancing.”

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Meanwhile, the city this year inexplicably denied a permit for the organizers of Bat Fest, a yearly Austin street festival that hosts local vendor booths and bands, and is free for the public to attend.

Just as seen with Lollapalooza in Chicago, virtue-signaling Covid safety regulations can be dismissed, or ignored if an event is generating loads of money for its host city.

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