A Woman Who Pressed The Trigger In Self-Defense — Alive Because She Was Prepared

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A USCCA Member was alone, working late hours in her office when…

An intruder broke in through her locked door.

Now, it’s important to note:

– This member had taken a class.

– She knew the laws in her area.

– She was legally permitted to have a firearm with her.

– She had trained with her gun and knew how to use it.

He advanced toward her, so she gave him a verbal command to stop.

Unfortunately, he didn’t listen and kept coming.

In fear for her life, she was forced to press the trigger in self-defense. 

After calling the police, this USCCA Member called the Critical Response Team.

The benefits that came with her membership funded the counsel she retained to assist her.

Her counsel guided her through the investigative phase and in handling media questions until the district attorney came to their conclusion…

She was justified in using force in self-defense.

Now this is the most important part:

There’s no telling what that intruder might have done to her…

And nobody should EVER have to suffer and live through fear like that.

Frankly, she’s alive today because she was prepared.

As a USCCA Member, she was educated, trained and equipped (with a gun and the legal right to carry it).

She did everything right, but was trapped and was forced to press the trigger in self-defense.


I’m really proud that USCCA Membership benefits funded her counsel.

After all, talking to ANYONE after a violent self-defense incident, including detectives and the media, is downright difficult.

Yet, I’m even more proud that she’s alive today because she knew what to do.

I pray you never find yourself in a similar situation.

But if you do…

I want you to be able to say the same thing for yourself and your loved ones.

USCCA Membership is hands down the best place to start.

It’s exactly what you need to be prepared for what happens before, during and after a violent self-defense incident.

Inside, you’ll get the very best self-defense education, training and qualification system in the nation.

You’ll get access to the 24/7 Critical Response Team.

You’ll get the award-winning Concealed Carry Magazine.

You’ll get world class customer support.

Plus, self-defense liability insurance is an automatic membership benefit.1

And you can rest easy because your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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USCCA Membership

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