83% Of Passengers Will Not Return To Old Travel Habits

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,

An Inmarsat study shows how Covid has impacted travel plans.

Bad News for Airlines

A study by Inmarsat suggests Travel Habits are Changed Forever.

Flying habits are set to change drastically for the long-term, with eight in ten airline passengers (83%) not expecting to return to their previous travel routines once the COVID-19 pandemic is over. 

Only a third (34%) of passengers surveyed have taken a commercial flight since the pandemic began, and this appears to have sparked a shift in attitudes to flying. Four in ten passengers (41%) expect to travel less by any means and a third (31%) plan to fly less. This sentiment is even higher among Asian passengers, with 58 per cent in India and 55 per cent in South Korea planning to travel less in the future. 

Despite this change, there are early signs that travellers are beginning to feel confident about flying again; almost half (47%) of passengers surveyed expect to feel ready to fly within the next six months.

The ‘Passenger Confidence Tracker’ is the world’s largest survey of airline passengers since the pandemic began. It reflects the views and attitudes of 9,500 respondents from 12 countries across the globe about the future of flying.

Passenger Confidence Tracker

US Passenger Confidence 

  • Within the US, only 14% are ready to fly today

  • Another 14% will be ready next month.

  • 5% think it will take longer than a year.

  • 10% will wait for the end of Covid.

  • 8% will wait for a vaccine.

Even those who are ready to fly expect to do so less often.