17 People Were Shot In Chicago On Monday Alone

We’re not sure what it’s going to take for Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot to realize that backing her city’s police department and enforcing the law, not avoiding it, is what’s going to make a difference in cleaning up her city.

Perhaps the following stat will be shocking enough for her to get a grip on exactly what is going on, though we don’t have any confidence that it will: 17 people were shot in Chicago on Monday alone this week. Four of those shootings resulted in fatalities. 

On Monday, the first fatality was found “in the 4700 block of West 59th Street” at 2AM when officers discovered a man who had crashed his vehicle also had a gunshot wound to his face. 

Two other men were “each shot in the head while standing on a corner in the 3600 block of West Division Street” at 5:50PM on Monday. A fourth fatality occurred when a 20 year old man was “shot and fatally wounded” at about 7PM while sitting the back of a vehicle “in the 6700 block of North Newgard Avenue.”

40 other people were also shot over the weekend, with five of those resulting in fatalities, according to Breitbart. The crime spree has resulted in an exodus from the city.

Lightfoot proposed the novel idea of implementing a property tax increase of $94 million and a refinance of the city’s $1.7 billion in outstanding bonds to try and alleviate some of the financial distress. Because we’re sure citizens of Chicago are in a major rush to fork over more money to a city government that has enabled protests and riots that turned the city into chaos over the summer.