10% to ‘The Big Guy’? – Joe Biden Wants $10 Billion More in Aid For Kiev

10% to ‘The Big Guy’?

Joe Biden is asking Congress for another $10 billion for Kiev.

This is in addition to the $6.4 billion Joe Biden asked Congress for last week.

The Biden White House last Friday asked Congress for $6.4 billion in aid for the Ukraine crisis after Russian military forces invaded the country.

According to Reuters, $2.9 billion will go toward security and humanitarian aid and $3.5 billion would be for the Pentagon.

The $16.4 billion in aid would be in addition to the over $700 million in assistance the United States has provided Ukraine in the last year.

Forbes reported:

The Biden administration will ask Congress to approve an additional $10 billion in aid for Ukraine, the Washington Post reports, citing two anonymous sources familiar with the plans. The $10 billion request aims to address the growing humanitarian crisis in the country, supporting Ukraine’s defenses, protecting the country’s electrical grid and assisting other European allies, the Post reports.

Lawmakers have been working in recent weeks to create a long-term deal to fund the government, as the spending bill is set to expire on March 11. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said there had been a “snag” over Ukraine assistance, claiming Democrats were trying to take the money from funds they had planned to allocate to the Pentagon.

The Post reports the Biden administration’s new request may alleviate these concerns, as the funding would come from new emergency aid for Ukraine, not repurposed dollars for the Department of Defense.

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